Author: Jeff Denzin

I’ve Registered, Now What?

So, you have registered and logged in.  It looks a bit different, what can I do?  On the upper right hand side, you’ll notice your username.  if you hover the mouse over that you should see something like this:

This is where you can edit your profile and fill in your name and also manager your password.

Over on the upper left hand side, you’ll see a ‘+ New’ – this is where you can add content.  There are currently four options:  Post, Media, Item and Event.

  • Media – You can also add this when you are creating a post, so most likely you will not need to use this option.
  • Item – We are looking at ways to more easily share what our Library has.  This is in a trial mode and may or may not be what we use.
  • Event – If you want to share an event that is coming up, you could do it here.  I won’t go into details about Events right now, but for the most part it is straight forward to use.
  • Post – This is where you can create and share content with the rest of the club.  To create a new post, just click on Post.  It will take you to a screen similar to what you see below (click it to make it larger):

  • Give your post a title
  • Add the text you’d like to share.
  • If you want to add a picture, click the Add Media button and it will guide you through uploading a picture or document and then placing it on the page.  As you can see from this page, you can just insert the pic if it is small enough, or you can insert a smaller pic and link to the actual document to see it full scale.
  • Once you are done, you can hit ‘Publish’ on the right side of the page and it will be made visible on the main landing page.

To get back to the main landing page, go up to the top left where it says CIGRS and chose ‘Visit Site’