Modular Special Interest Group (MSIG)

The Modular Special Interest Group (SIG) started in January of 2017.  This SIG is open to all club members.  After our initial planning meeting construction began on 12 straight mods.  A short time later in  2017 the group came to a business meeting and presented a proposal to request funding for 8 corner mods which the club would own.  Motion passed and construction began on the corner mods.

The MSIG set up the modular layout at a business meeting at Reiman Gardens and gave the club a fun introduction to the layout and the progress being made.

The next time we set up the modular layout was at the 2018 Flower Lawn and Garden Show at the Iowa State Fairgrounds.  It was at this show we experienced a live steam demonstration by a club member which drew many questions and was an excellent example of modeling available in Garden Railroading.

These next pictures are of Neal Smith running live steam on the Modular.

The next show where the MSIG will get to set up and run trains will be at the Round Barn Train Show in Allerton in September 2018.

If you have any interest in joining the MSIG please contact: John Olsen at: to learn more.